Eric Hayto - FS air - UNIT 19
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“We didn’t want to open to the public…”

SP So, when did all this happen?

HM “It would be about two and a half to three years ago – time goes by so quick….”

EH “Yeah, it was 2007.

SP   Ramp-building skills aside, one of the hardest things about managing a project like this is finding and funding a decent premises. How did you go about finding The Unit, and how do you continually fund it – especially because it’s private and not open to the public?

HM “We got a really good deal on the Unit through Erics boss, but needed to find about sixteen people wanting to commit to paying a contribution every month because we didn’t want to open to the public. We went for a guest policy instead, with each paying a small amount to skate, with all proceeds going towards the up-keep of the ramp.”

EH “When we started we all put in 100 quid each so we could fund the building of the ramp. Each of the 18 members pay 25 quid a month to cover the rent, water, electricity and business rates.”

TW “Finding a place that has good access, and is affordable is really important, but the funding is essential – you need good friends that are committed and passionate about it”

[Pic: Eric Hayto В | В FS Air]

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