Craig Norris - Tail Transfer - UNIT 19

“We are always trying to change things up to keep it fresh…”

SP   The ramp’s changed recently hasn’t it – removing the central vert wall of the half pipe, why did you get rid of it?

CN “We found it was fun but not all abilities could use it – it was pretty burly, so we decided to cut it off so you can transfer from the main mini”

HM “We are always trying to change things to keep it fresh. Its just such a small place to work with.”

EH “We got rid of the central vert wall as not many people were using it and it just keeps the ramp evolving.”

TW “Evolution! Nothing stands still for long – offering different riding challenges encourages the best from everyone”

SP В  Does it take much maintenance?

EH “Maintenance is mainly done by the “Ramp Fairies” which are Harvey and myself just replacing some ply every so often”

CN “A bit of a sweep normally does the trick though!”

SP В  Most memorable shredders at Unit 19?Greg - Rob - Ty

TW “The Unit has seen some rad skaters! I could tell you who’s been there, but I’d have to kill you after, I could give you a slight clue, but I’d have to just fuck you up really badly then – В up to you mate, do you really want to know, well do you punk…?”

HM “We have had a few UK teams come and skate. The Vans team ripped it apart. Greg Nowik is a Unit 19 member and regular shredder – I don’t need to say much more…..the man is a machine!”

EH “Marc Churchill, Andy Scott, Ben Raemers, Jak Tonge, the “Witchcraft” team, “Lovenskate” team, “Death” team – no Americans yet though.”

CN “We are more than happy for teams to come and skate it – its worth the travel on those rainy days!”

[Opposite: Craig Norris В | В Grabbed Transfer Tailstall]
[Inset: Greg Nowik, Rob Knipe, Tyrone White]

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