“…the sight of me with a fucking huge chop saw…..is something most people will never forget…”

SP В  So who was involved in the early days, and how did you decide what you were going to build?

HM “The early days were mainly the guys involved in the Basement. Guys like Jon, San, Tex, Rob, Ty, Eric, Nat, Bish, Craig, myself and a few others. A lot of people wanted a bowl, but we just didn’t have enough space, so we started off with a simple mini.”

CN “Yeah, we all asked for a mini ramp, but wanted it to be a decent size.”

TW “Out of the original members there’s only about 6 of us left. We were a tight crew, and began with a load of designs for the layout and were democratic in our decision making process. The first ramp was a basic mini with a super smooth surface. As time went by various additions were added.”

SP В  Did anyone have any ramp-building experience, or did you just make it up as you went along?

TW “If you’d have seen “The Basement” and compared it to Unit 19, you could appreciate the difference in the skills and planning that went into it. “The Basement” was more a case of having cash or wood, and just knocking something up – it suited the style and vibe we had: underground and rough.”

UNIT 19 BuildHM “We managed to salvage a lot of ply and move it from Portsmouth to its current location, but it was great having Tex on board as he is a chippy!”

EH “Ramps aren’t that hard to build, its just about making sure you get the transitions correct.”

CN “It was a complete learning process for all of us”

TW “Let’s just say that the sight of me with a fucking huge chop saw is something most people will never forget – so my skills were mainly planning and motivation to get things and people organised”

[Opposite: Tyrone White В | В Front Smith]

Tyrone White - FS Smith - UNIT 19

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