“Think before you cut the wood, and do your research…”

SP   Fantasy session at The Unit – who would be skating?

HM “All the Lads from the Unit – beer and a great BBQ, what more could you ask for?”

EH “Hosoi, Steve Cab, Hawk, Danny Way…….God, I could just carry on and on! Just skating with my mates is a fantasy session.”

CN “Haslam, Gonz, Hsu, Daewon, me and everyone whose a member.”

TW “Me, Megan Fox and a load of FHM girls, a big bag of posh, and a stack of hardcore porn”

SP В  Hahaha – dream on mate! So, any future plans for Unit 19?

HM “Just to keep evolving, and maybe one day move to a bigger place and have an indoor bowl.”

EH “We are always trying to think of something else to do but space is the thing, there is not a lot we can do.”

TW “We’d like a bowl but the unit’s not big enough.”

CN “Hopefully getting a website together soon, a video blog, and maybe get some kinda English berrics going!”

SP В  What advice would you give to anyone planning on a bit of ramp DIY?

HM “We have proved it can be done – you just need a lot of commitment from everyone involved. There are so many empty units out there, it’s probably the best time there has been to do it.”

EH “Make sure you get the commitment from people to pay each month – you only need a couple not to pay and the whole thing could be in jeopardy.”

CN “Think before you cut the wood, and do your researchВ  – oh, and maybe have a chippy do the work!!!”

[Opposite: Nowik В | В Taking The Piss]

Greg Nowik - UNIT 19

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