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Through The Viewfinder

I have shot thousands of pics at Unit 19 and due to it’s white, arched ceiling and walls, it presents its own set of photographic challenges. Very tight for deck space, with skaters (literally) in your face. Dudes standing in front of your flashes. Light bouncing around like an epileptic ping-pong ball on crack, and the fluorescent tubes (when working) are grim to say the least and offer little in the way of satisfactory illumination.

However, the ambience and vibe is always super-gnar, enhanced by dangling cobwebs, dust that gets everywhere – clothes / throat / camera / ass crack,  screaming punk tunes, raucous laughter, constant piss-taking and some of the sickest shredding you’ll see anywhere. I love it like a fat kid loves cake.

These guys have proved that with a bit of imagination, a lot of commitment, and some basic (questionable in Ty’s case) carpentry skills, it’s possible to design, develop and construct a seriously rad place to skate – and one that you can call your own. Sweeeeeet.

Just like in ‘Field Of Dreams’: “If you build it, they will come” – but only with an invite, right?

Interview and pics by Harvey Mills

[Pic: Tyrone White В | В Jubilant Boner]

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