WTF!? Another on-line skatezine!

There’s already a shed-load of online skate sites out there, and new ones are added almost daily. So what makes this one different?

Skateboarding Photo is a monthly “web-mag” dedicated to presenting images and words from emerging, as well as established, skaters / photographers / writers / artists and brands.В  By promoting the independent nature of skateboarding, focusing on what’s happening just outside of (and often well below) the mainstream, it aims to provide a collaborative platform that encourages high quality contributions from the UK, as well as worldwide, skate community. We’re not setting out to be anti-establishment, or trying to create our own ‘scene’, we just want to celebrate the purest essence of all forms of skateboarding: shredding with your mates! We’re not trying to compete with hard copy magazines, or other online sites – we simply want to offer something that, to quote Abraham Lincoln, is ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’.

If you’ve got a skate brand or company and you want to be featured, let us know – we’ll do our best to give you a break, and get you some coverage within these pages.В If you’ve got a great skate photograph, or an interesting story, and you’d like it to be considered for publication, please contact us. Getting your work published isn’t guaranteed, but if we like your stuff, you’ll stand a very good chance.В GET INVOLVED!

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All images – copyright ownership remains the property of the credited photographer

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[Cover Shot: Jasper Derisley | В Front Boneless В | В Pic: Harvey Mills]

[Opposite Page: Sam Way | В Switch Flip Fakie В | В В Pic: Mills]

Sam Way - Switch Flip - Hayling

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