marcus payne

“…chavvy little fuckers that need a good slapping…”

SP Finally, what’s the best thing about having your own indoor ramp?

HM “Having a key and skating whenever you want.”

CN “Yeah ditto what Harv said. Its a proper laugh!”

EH “The best thing about having our own ramp is that I am still skating – if we did not have this, I dont think I would be. To be able to skate whenever you want is great especially in the dark wet winter days its great to be able to open the door turn the lights on and skate.”

TW “As a kid growing up in the 80’s, watching skate movies, there were loads of back yard ramps, mostly in the US though.

Today councils have built parks, ramps and bowls everywhere, but most are utter shit and a waste of money, or full of chavvy little fuckers that need a good slapping before you can ride (that’s another story).

So having your own ramp, indoors, that you can skate whenever you want to, with whoever you want to makes for a happy Ty, and that’s a good thing….”

[Opposite: Marcus Payne В | В Hardflip Indy Fakie]
[Inset: Eric Hayto В | В Front Smith]

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