“…like watching your kid ride their bike for the first time…”

SP   What’s the sickest thing you’ve ever seen at The Unit?

HM “Its all sick to me – the skating just keeps getting better and better.”

CN “Some crazy footplants on the back of the vert wall, and so many insane face high airs!”

EH “The sickest thing at the Unit has to be Greg Nowik.”

TW “Watching Tony Thompson skate was always sick – it was like watching your kid ride their bike for the first time: looking through the hands you have pushed up against your face, knowing it could go really badly wrong at any time, but loving the way it happens!!”

SP   What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened?

EH “For me it was ‘Strange Steve’ doing a backflip in the halfpipe.”

TW “I’ve seen Martin Stiffen fall off the platform twice, both times during mid-conversation, turned and disappeared. Watching anyone ride the full pipe and over compensate, full back flips all round”

HM “Some guy knocking himself out on the ceiling on the first vert wall we had. Also, Tyrone’s frontside boneless into your very expensive camera and you ending up with a nice cut to your head……..”

SP В  Oh yeah, that was reeeaaallly funny! Any horrible bails?

EH “No real horrible bails, but some bloody funny ones!!!”

HM “Ha ha ha! I remember Craig getting his shoe lace wrapped around his wheels – talk about stopping dead!”

CN “Yeah, it was horrible! I was doing a rock fakie and my shoelace got wrapped up in my wheel and I fell backwards – totally destroyed myself !”

[Opposite Page: Jed Cullen В | В Blunt Flip in / Out]
[Inset: Harvey Mills | В Nursing Battered Head & Camera]

Jed Cullen - Flip Blunt, Flip Fakie - UNIT 19

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