“The act of photography is getting easier and easier as cameras become so automated”

SP В  Wow – so that was it, you were off and running with a camera that you found?

Yeah, that was it. I decided that I wanted to be a photographer, so I went to school and worked many years in different studios in Hollywood. I still skated when I could but my focus was on learning the craft.

It’s been an amazing ride. I’ve been so lucky. I’ve traveled the world and have met the greatest people along the way.

Who were your photographic inspirations in the early days, and whose work is stoking you at the moment?

I always liked Jim Cassimus. Craig Stecyk. I would study Skateboarder magazine, at the time it was the only mag worth looking at. Later, Thrasher came out and It was guys like Mofo and Bryce Kanights who’s work I’d be stoked on. В Grant Britain , is another photographer I admire. Dave Swift , Rhino, etc.

I could go on and on about who’s work I like…..

As for now, I think Anthony Acosta is really good. I also like Brian Fick’s work, and I’m a fan of Jon Humphries. There are so many good photographers out there. The act of photography is getting easier and easier as cameras become so automated. The photographers I mentioned are true to the craft – they all know photography and paid their dues learning it. Much respect.

What’s ‘Concrete Disciples’ all about? How did you get involved with that?

Concrete Disciples is a website devoted to skateboarding. We have the largest skatepark directory and we feature current events. Jeff Greenwood created the site over ten years ago.

Around six years ago Jeff approached Christian Cooper and myself to partner with him and build the sites content. Christian is a artist/designer with deep roots in skateboarding. He really is an amazing designer.

We teamed up before Concrete Disciples and created content for various skate mags. So, Concrete Disciples was an extension of that and we’ve been doing it for quite awhile now.

[Opposite: "Cab on the ladder at the soul bowl. He asked me to shoot it. It was used in the Van's book. I went to the book release party at Vans and it was blown up huge on the side of the building!"]

cab ladder

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