‘Sup Skateroo’s?!

Happy New Year!

So, December was a total bag of shite for skating in the UK – basically, if it wasn’t indoors, it just wasn’t happening. The joys of living in a temperate climate, eh?

Before Christmas, I was in New York City and I have never been as cold in my damn life – that wind coming off the East River just rips straight through your clothes, penetrates your flesh and stabs your bones like a thousand tiny knives. I’d set myself a few challenges whilst I was out there, but didn’t manage to attain many of my photographic goals. It’s one of those places on our little that, wherever you point your camera, the chances are that a gazillion other people have done exactly the same thing, so you end up shooting hundreds of typical ‘tourist’ type pics. Not that I’m complaining – NYC is stunning in Winter.

Biggest disappointment was the absolute lack of skating. I visited loads of great street spots (theres practically one on every block), and no-one was shredding in the cold. Even the glorious concrete forms at Chelsea piers was deserted. It seems that long-boarding is a pretty popular transport solution in the Big Apple В - although weaving between the crazy Yellow Cabs on most routes seemed to be a sure-fire deathwish……you might as well have your suicide note pinned to your back whilst doing it.

Reaction to our first issue in December has been really positive – thanks so much for all of your feedback. Stats for site visits and page views were phenomenal and far exceeded our initial expectations. We were also extremely pleased to see that our humble mag has been visited by readers from 49 different countries В - like the guy said “it’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it…”

Our second issue has bags of stuff to keep you stoked during January: an exclusive interview with lensman supremo Madison Ray Zimmerman – we’re totally stoked, and very honoured, to be able to feature some of Rays images in our humble little mag – watch out for more exclusive interviews with legendary photographers in future issues.

We’ve also got more great pics from you guys in Exposure, a wicked set of shots from Rob Salmon in Lens Flare, a great Faltown competition to win a complete Eco-Carve Longboard, plus more interviews, and features than you could shake a very shitty stick at. Enjoy…


[Opposite: Dave Hackett | В Destroying Pools At 50 В | В Pic: Ray Zimmerman (MRZ)]

dave hackett

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