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Lens Flare: Rob Salmon

“I’ve been skating for about eight years, and shooting photos for about four or five years.

I just started off shooting snaps of my mates skating with my shitty digital point and shoot. Most of the photos were out of focus, but I was stoked on them. I made a little scrap book, which I still have.

I think my photography really progressed when I started a BTEC national diploma in photography. The tutors knew what they were talking about and helped me to learn a lot about using flash and just photography in general. They got me into using film. It’s because of them that I got my Bronica.

I love shooting skate photos on film. I’m always much more stoked when I get the film back and see how the shots have come out, than when I get home after shooting digital photos. It’s just way too easy to view them, too quick.

I love the excitement of getting a film processed or processing it yourself. And also actually having something in your hand rather than it just being a file on some computer hard drive.

I always kick myself when I take the easy way out and shoot something digitally that should really have been shot on film, and would no doubt have come out much better.”

[Opposite: Matty Hall | В FS Pivot В | В Pic: Rob SalmonВ "Me and a couple friends made these two quarters.В They're both gone now. Destroyed by someone."]

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