“I’m remembered more for my slamming then I am my skating”

SP You must have seen some funny shit go down, care to share?

G Hell yeah – I saw a couple of PCSO (Police Community Support Officers) having a fun fight with about 12 chav kids.В  That was pretty funny.В  But one of the best things I have seen is a giant sling shot firing balloons filled with whatever liquid was to hand at a Jehovah Convention.В  They were not too pleased with that………..

And then there’s the “Queen of Queens Tranny on Trannie” comp.  Never in my life did I think I would see 30 guys dressed as women for the day ripping up a bowl.  From 13 years old to 45, everyone turned up with some outstanding costumes……….

SP Gnarliest slam you’ve ever taken?

G Getting wheel bite at 30mph just in front of a concrete transition……….. never slammed so hard in my life.  Landed on the left hip and damaged the insides of my stomach on the right hand side.

But, if anyone who skates with me will tell you – I am remembered more for my slamming then I am my skating.

SP Any comps / jams you’re planning for the future?

G Probably do the ‘Ham Jam’ again, but gonna play the rest by ear.

SP Cool – count me in!!! Finally, if you could MC at any bowl / park / pool / street jam or comp, where would it be, and who’d be in the final?

G I could tell you about my dreams of the (Vans) Combi Pool with all the legends I grew up watching.

But, to be honest, it would be my local park with the local skaters.  The amount of fun I have had doing shit down here is unbelievable. Plus, if it wasn’t for Kings Park I probably not even be doing this any way.

Geordie can be found at a skatepark near you very soon. Probably. You have been warned……

(At the time of writing this feature, it would appear that the quote at the top of this page was profoundly ironic – Geordie is currently suffering from a properly fucked up ankle and could be out of action for quite a while. Get well soon shredder!!!)

[Opposite: Geordie | В Cheeky Nose Tickle В | В Pic: Mills]

[Inset: Just plain wrong | 'Queen Of Kings' Jam В | Pic: Matt Weston]

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