“If money is the goal , go shoot snowboarding!”

What’s your favorite location to shoot?

I like shooting in backyard pools. It kinda goes back to what I mentioned earlier about shooting street. With backyard pools , the environment changes from pool to pool. Not to mention, the fact that pools weren’t made to skate much like the stuff that street skaters hit.

Just how gnarly is Buckys backyard bowl , and did he really invert with that BBQ board?

It’s like the Grand Canyon. He did a fs invert on that BBQ board. You have to see Bucky skate his bowl in person to really understand how gnarly it really is. Bucky is one of the all time greatest skaters. Everytime I see him skate , it just blows me away.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of getting into skate photography?

Take the time and learn photography. Learn about lighting. Shoot as much and as often as you can. If your dream is to make big $$$ , it isn’t gonna happen in skateboarding. If money is the goal , go shoot snowboarding.

Finally, lets do a quickfire ‘Yes / No” round…..

Film or Digital? Both

Lance or Hosoi? Lance

Air or Plant? Air

Fish or Tele? Both

PPP or Rumble? Rumble

Blabac or Atiba? Blabac

Maloof or X-Games? Circus

Wood or Concrete? Concrete

Hotrods or Hotdogs? Hotrods

Nikon or Canon? Nikon

To see more of Rays incredible photography, go to Concrete Disciples for tons more images, or head down to the Dark Matter Gallery in Long Beach, California, for his solo exhibition ‘Heroes & Zeroes’ running from Jan 8th – Feb 5th 2011. Thanks a million, Ray – all the best for the New Year and beyond.

[Opposite: "Skreech lip slide. I like this pic for sentimental reasons. We shot a lot at this pool. We got ran off by a swarm of bees and I got stung. Bastards!"]

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