FOCUS: Geordie Lad

Described by some as the UK’s answer to Dave “Double D” Duncan, Richie ‘Geordie’ Inskip, is carving out a name for himself on the MC circuit – providing rabid commentary, inappropriate jokes, dubious headwear, and general crowd stoke at a number of skate-park openings, jams and comps around our fair shores….

SP For those of you who don’t know you, Geordie, do you want to give us a bit of background about yourself?

G Basically, I’m a fat northern bloke that moved south to find work, a woman, and some waves……if I was lucky!

SP In that order, yeah – work, woman, waves?

G Yeah. I was managing a ski / snowboard shop and I ended up repping for an ass-raping commercial surf company (no name supplied).В  This gave me enough experience to set up my own company and the ability to contract myself to different brands.В  Right now I am lucky enough to be selling Independent and Santa Cruz clothing around most of the UK.

SP Sweet. You’re still skating though, right?

G For sure! After surfing and snowboarding, I got back into skating after 10 years out of it. I skate whenever I can get away from either work or the family.В  Winter makes it difficult, but having the use of a private ramp kinda makes up for it (Geordie is a regular at Unit 19 – see December 2010 issue)

SP It’s seems that you’re fast becoming the ‘go-to’ guy for MC’ing new park openings, jams, and other skate-related tomfoolery. How did you get involved with doing this?

G I have always been noted for my loudness and the ability to be politically incorrect, so I guess being in-front of a mic was a natural evolution!В  It‘s lucky that I get a few gigs though – with guys like Sean Goff, Marc Churchill and Bob Sanderson around, most stuff is tied up (which makes sense as these guys are legends and have been doing it for years!).

I used to work with the guys that formed Maverick Skateparks and we are still good friends, so doing the opening days for them just made sense. The other MC’ing gigs I have done have been at events that I have organised (‘Bowls not Bombs’, ‘The Ham Jam’, ‘Tranny on Trannies’, etc), and it was just to save a bit of money.

SP Just how hard is it to keep your concentration up, and manage to entertain a crowd at the same time – you hardly pause for breath!?

G My wife would probably answer this better….well more truthfully anyway……!

SP So what would she say?

GGeordie is full of shit and these events are a good outlet for him!”…hahaha.


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