“Everyone with a camera phone is on deck trying to get that epic photo!”

Decks are getting real crowded these days, with photogs jostling for space – how do you deal with that?

I’m so over it. After every event, I ask myself why do I bother? It has gotten so crazy. Everyone with a camera phone is on deck trying to get that epic photo. HAHA

You’ve shot some incredible skaters over the years – who were / are the real memorable ones, and who haven’t you shot but would like to?

I’m a Lance Mountain fan. Not only is he an amazing skateboarder, he is an amazing person. As far as the vets are concerned, I like shooting with Jeff Grosso, Tom Knox, Steve Caballero, and Hosoi. The list is too long. There are so many good skaters today , young and old. I haven’t had the chance to shoot Grant Taylor. I really like the way he skates. I should mention a few of the younger rippers I like to shoot. Kevin Kowalski, Nolan Johnson, and Ben Ray bourne. Locally I like shooting with Josh Borden and Jake Reuter. All these guys are so good.

Do you prefer to just capture what’s going down in the jam, or do you aim for particular shots and tricks?

It’s a funny thing. When you pull out a camera , it’s either a session builder or a session killer. You gotta feel it out. If it’s an event, I’m just shooting what’s going down. But I always prefer to set up the shot.

Out of all of the photos that you’ve taken, what’s your favorite and why?

I can’t really answer that. I shoot a lot and I move on to the next thing. I will say, I get the most out of capturing a first time make. Whatever that is. When somebody is stoked on a photo I’ve taken of them … that’s my favorite.

You recently shot at Dave Hackett’s 50th Birthday bash – what was that like?

That was fun. A lot of old dudes throwing fs grinds. HAHA Hackett is rad and he’s still ripping at 50 years old.

Loved your shot of Jay Adams (at the above) grinding and pulling ‘that’ face! Is he still as gnarly as ever?

Yes. Jay is as gnarly as ever. 100% skateboarder for life.

[Opposite: Zak and Chris Miller - "I shot this for Fathers Day"]

Father and Son

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