Every issue we do, we try to improve things – little tweaks here and there, more content, more of your photos. We think it’s important to keep upping the quality and raising our own bar as much as we can, and we think (pretty much) that we succeed in doing this. If you think differently, have another opinion, or just want to make suggestions, please let us know.

However, we did fail in one huge area – the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that we didn’t release a May edition. Our last edition (#5) dropped on April 21st, so we’re a couple of weeks adrift on our “we aim to publish every month” promise. Loads of reasons behind this, but no excuses…

So we’ve decided to reward you all with a monster issue for June. Over 200 pages of gnar in fact. In this month, we’ve got a wicked piece on the Protec Pool Party with amazing pics from friend-o-the-mag Madison Ray Zimmerman. We’ve got the skinny on Nike’s latest venture The Pool. Also in this edition, we’ve got a feature (and exclusive pics) on the Drawing Boards teams recent trip to Barca; an interview with the dudes from Iron Column Skateboards; a rad scene feature on Portsmouth; Don Briders 80′s Day, and a few snaps from a recent Jam at Dorchester. All this plus a superb Lens Flare from Canadian photographerВ Michael Kazimierczuk; and the biggest Exposure section we’ve ever done – featuring the work of 15 fine lensmen (see below for a list of all photographic contributors). Add to that two competitions from Drawing Boards (win an awesome Drooling Beards deck – I want one!!), and win a buttload of tee’s and a beanie from the guys at Signature Clothing. Phew.

We’d also like to welcome Eric Hayto and Richie ‘Geordie’ Inskip to the SPMag team. Eric and Geordie have been bullied into doing a spot of writing, and a fine job they’ve done too. Welcome chaps, look forward to more over the coming months! If you want to get involved, we’ love to hear from you – the more the merrier! Got an idea for a feature? Want to have a bash at writing and putting something together? Maybe you’re a student doing some kind of journalism thing and want some real work experience? Let us know – seriously – we need all the help we can get, and I just want to take photos, not write stuff!!

Photographic contributors for this issue (in order of appearance):В Harvey Mills; Eric Hayto; Madison Ray Zimmerman; Ranny; SMay; Michael Kazimierczuk; Radek Nowik; Esrah Boulton; Allen Hickenbottom;В Jostein Roalkvam; Mikey Gee; Craig Dodds; Jared Levine; Ollie Hayden; Andrew Hodgson; Rick Davy; Josh Hotz; Bichromie; Ian Froome; Rob Salmon; Gary Dickson;

Thanks to everybody who submitted their work – couldn’t do it without you.


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