Twistin’ By The Pool

Words by Eric Hayto.В Pics by Eric and Madison Ray Zimmerman (MRZ)

Eric Hayto (our International Talent Liaison Executive) is a good friend and a rad skater from the old school. You may remember some shots of him from our very first issue, when we featured the Unit 19 miniramp – he’s one of the founding fathers. Eric is so stoked by skateboarding, especially bowl riding, and he aims to make the annual pilgrimage to Orange County every year for the Protec Pool Party at the Vans Combi. This year we sent him packing with a notepad, pen and a camera and asked him to document his travels like a diary. This is what happened….

I have been waiting for this moment for months! No wait, weeks actually, two weeks to be exact…

Disclaimer: Before we begin this sorry tale, I need to make it absolutely clear that I’d originally decided not to go to the PPP this year because of various financial issues.

Rewind back to Good Friday, I’m on my own again (sob!) – my daughter was at her mums. Feeling sorry for myself, I decided to go down to the “Cob and Pen” and have a couple of beers, 4 to be precise. I walked (staggered? – Ed) home, got myself a chinese takeaway and a couple of bottles of red wine. I sat in front of the TV, ate my Chinese, went through the first bottle of wine, when all of a sudden I had the bright idea of going on the internet, whilst opening my second bottle of vino collapso…

After talking to few people on Facebook, I decided that it would be a great idea to book my flights to LA for this years Protec Pool Party. The rest of the night slipped into that bleary booze-fuelled chasm that we all have from time to time.

The following morning I went downstairs to make a cuppa, only to discover that my wallet and credit card were sitting next to the computer – oh shit, what the hell had I done??! My first thought was that I’d subscribed to some dodgy porn site, but after checking my e-mails, I discovered that I was off to LA! I just hoped that I booked the flights for the right date. I had – phew!

lance fs invert

Lance Mountain

| FS Invert Insanity | Pic: MRZ

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