‘The Pool’: One Night In Dagenham

When we first heard of Nike’s intentions of building a park inside a disused swimming pool in Dagenham, it was hard to imagine what was going to be created.  I mean, away from the Ford Factory the best thing to come out of Dagenham is arguably Stacey Solomon (and that’s only because she took showers in her bikini in that stupid celebrity jungle shit).

So, when we were invited to attend a skater-only session with some of the best UK skaters we took a large bite from the feeding hand.В With rumours flying around that Lance Mountain and Chet Childress were going to be skating, little streams of gobby drool were running freely off the chin (especially after seeing Lance killing it at the Protec Pool Party).

Unfortunately it was not only the Combi Pool that Lance killed, as he managed to pick up an injury bad enough to prevent him from travelling.В  We found this out just before we left, and you could say it was a little bit of a downer.В  But once we walked into the place there was no mention of Lance as our minds were simply blown away by what was before our eyes.

The evening started off quite nicely and we met our lift (Yo Spencer!) at Eastleigh Bowl, a quick 20 min roll in the evening light, a flight on some friendly airlines and then we were off.В  After gabbling like excited teenagers it seemed like we were only in the car for a quick half hour before we arrived in Dagenham.

[Opposite: Aaron Sweeney | В Rocking The Tombstone]

[Inset: For the love of God, save this pool!!!]


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