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The Jam That Never Was

All pics by Millsy

On the 7th May, the second annual jam at Maverick’s Skatepark in Dorchester was due to happen.

Hundreds of eager shredders from all over the South had the date scribbled into their diaries (do people still do this?), and were properly keen to get some weekend action at this wonderfully smooth piece of ‘crete.

The weather forecast for the weekend had been changing all week, but the more optimistic among us were still convinced that it’d be fine – cloudy, but dry.

Early on the morning of the Jam, it pissed down – and I mean buckets of the stuff.

A quick peek on Metcheck confirmed that, yes it was raining now, but stood a good chance of drying out by mid-morning.

After frantically checking the Facebook page, before making the two hour drive from home we noticed loads of comments and questions, all along the lines of  “Well – is it on, or what?”.

At around 9:00am, Maverick had the unenviable task of messaging everyone that they’d have to postpone to a later date.

You can totally understand why – you can’t host a huge sesh, have people traveling from all over, only for them to show up to a rain-drenched Dorchester.

We then noticed people posting things like “Bugger it, I’m still going!” – it quickly became obvious that a few hardy souls wouldn’t be put off by the pessimistic weather forecast.

So we decided to follow the crowd, head down, and see whats crack-a-lacking…

[Opp: Haydn Barker | В Layback Boardslide ]

[Inset: Last months 'cover-boy' Todd Langdon continues to be cursed by shitty broken boards]


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