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The Donz

Words by Geordie, Pics by Millsy

If I was to start talking about ‘Dead Rabbits’ I am sure the last thing you would conjure up is stories about a skater built mini ramp under a disused rail tunnel in Winchester, Circa 1989/90.В В  Although originally built by a guy called Daryl you could argue that this was really the baby of Don “The Donz” Brider.

If you’ve not heard of Don, where have you been skating over the last 30 years?

Don had his hand in almost every edition of ‘Rad Magazine’ – whether it was a picture of some boneless combo or his general views and opinions on everything skateboarding.

The Donz started skating before most of us had even knocked one out over Samantha Fox,В  he also had more than a helping hand with Deathbox (who later to move to the USA and became Flip).

After watching one of his legendary wall rides, he managed to influence a young BMX’er into getting rid of two wheels in exchange for 4 – it just so happened that this kid turned out to be none other than Greg Nowik!

So, when the Unit 19 keyholders all decided how much fun it would be to throw an 80’s gig, it felt more than fitting to attribute the day to Mr Don Brider himself.

After the success of seeing the Tony Hawk 80’s session we were all confident that the ‘Don Briders 80’s Day’ would bring the best out of a load of guys that are arguably past the last hole on their Indy belts…….. but still hang onto the last ounce of memories of being able to grab their board, let alone getting air!!!

[Inset: Don decked out in full 80's regalia. The grip-job on his board was unbelievable!]


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