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Jake Skinner

| Nollie Bigspin

Shhhh…Secret Spot

Local ripper Jake Skinner then turns up – still looking shit-faced from a heavy night and starts pulling out switch front-foot impossibles on the bank!

Honestly, I was speechless – such natural technical ability is rare, but to just bust shit out like that when he was obviously still wrecked was utterly mind-blowing! Jake was also keen to show off his new sticker – originally it said “Southsea” but with a few slashes of a stanley, he cunningly customised it into an anglo-saxon profanity, the one beginning with “C’? The one that your mum or missus probably wouldn’t appreciate. See you next Tuesday?

Shot a few sequences and variations, then decided that we’d head to a ‘secret spot’ – one that requires some serious clambering and climbing. Barbed wire, huge vertical drops, anti-vandal / climbing paint,  used hypos, harris fencing, and signs guaranteeing certain death to trespassers – it was almost like they didn’t want us there!

Basically it’s a dis-used roof and tunnel deal on top of an old railway embankment. After hacking through some undergrowth, we come across this little oasis of banks, walls, and pillars – very weird place, covered in graffiti, but was so cool. The surface was stone-chipped canvas and pitch, so didn’t make for a nice smooth run up/out. I’d heard about this place before – spoken about in hushed tones, and always meant to check it out. It’s a mission to get there, but boy was it worth it. All kinds of craziness went down.

By this point Jake didn’t have much left in the tank, but manages to squeeze out a huge nollie bigspin on the bank before sitting out the rest of the session nursing what can only be described as the mother of all hangovers.


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