Sausage Prodding

After changing the date several times, even the sticker invite had the wrong date on it (typical 80’s style) we were set. We very nearly even had Sean Goff travelling all the way down to Southampton, but illness prevailed and we had to settle for the more regular crowd but this time with some real stand out skaters!

Don turned up full of anticipation tightly gripping his new 80’s set up that he had acquired from Mackeys in Poole (A board that was quickly wrestled out of his mitts by Nowik, who proceeded to bust out sick moves from his spotty adolescence)

We had original Roskopps, Cabs and Stiffin even managed to bring some slaloming (around empty beer cans) into the equation.  In true 80’s style things quickly got carried away and failed attempts of piggy back slalom became the order of the day.

The BBQ was quickly set ablaze and, whilst Ty (Tyrone White) took control of his sausage-prodding duties (ooh Matron!), some serious ripping starting going down.

Nowik must have banged his head earlier in the day, as he quickly remembered tricks that had only been seen in hieroglyphics etched in old pools and 80’s crete.В  Early grab tweaker seemed to be the fashionable trick of the day. At one point, Greg approached Harvey and said “I need your help to recreate a photo of mine when I was 15, back in ’89″. Turns out that this was a shot that was featured in Rad Mag – a top-down view of a backside grab at Monks ditch in Southampton (see inset В - apologies to whoever shot this originally, please don’t sue us for using your pic!). The only way to do this was for H to put a chair on next to the coping, stand on it, and hold the camera as high as he could. Nowik was getting so much air that it became a real challenge just to get him fully in the frame. I just love H’s recreated shot (right) with the ‘Never Forget’ sticker in the background- a poignant reminder of Gregs shredding roots!В This turned out to be a pretty fun thing to do, and queue quickly formed to get some birds-eye (or spiders eye in this case) view shots. . Check out Tommy Fachiri’s immense stalefish – I can’t tell you how huge this was!

Nowik_Backside Air_Spiders View

Back To The Future

- Millsy tries to recreate THAT shot

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