Rinsing The Law Courts

So I arrange to meet the Noddster on Sunday afternoon, by the Ferry terminal in Pompey as he lives a short boat ride away in Gosport.

First up, we get down to the well-used brick wall tranny at the Law Courts – probably one of Pompeys most rinsed spots, evidence of wheel and tyre tracks all over it. Noddy gets a couple of evil wall-rides as we get buzzed by a couple of cop cars, but they seem to have better things to do and drive past without paying much attention to us.

After that we walk down to another of the Citys favourite spots, the legendary University banks where Noddy pulls out some buttery back tails.

I ask him what else he fancies, and he says that there’s a virgin spot back towards Gosport / Fareham that’s never been skated and he’s always wanted the excuse to give it a go. So we drive over to scope it out.

On the way, he tries to describe what it is. “It’s like a ledge to handrail – going the opposite direction!”. I’m struggling to get my head round it, so we agree to just take a look and see if it’s feasible and if it’ll make for a decent snap.

[Inset: More wallride madness from the master]

noddy roll-up to fakie

Noddy Rands

| Roll-Up to Fakie

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