Noddy | Feebs Over Black Rail

Rails, Bails & Broken Boards

We arrive at the spot and it immediately becomes obvious what Noddys been trying to describe – looks properly gnarly too. The run-up is tight and lumpy as hell and the landing doesn’t look much better. Plenty of speed would be required to boost up and off, and on the other side of the flat handrail is a pretty horrible drop onto metal stairs. The best thing about this spot though is the backdrop – there’s a compound of cranes and cherry pickers all set at various heights, looking like some creatures from a Japanese Mech-zilla B movie from the 70’s.

Noddy takes a few attempts and it’s pretty obvious that the shot is going to look sick – although the sesh was interrupted after he snaps his board and we have to fetch a hasty replacement.

On returning he nails it fairly quickly – a full-tilt 50-50 up the handrail and pop off the end. Rad – we’re fully stoked on the NBD at his secret spot. Before heading home, he drags me into the centre of Gosport to a spot called ‘Black Rails’, where he busts out a sick feebs before snapping another board (although, to be fair, this one had seen better days!). Two boards down in under 30 mins – not due to incompetence or sketchy landings, purely down to way he fully attacks an obstacle, and takes no prisoners when he shreds – gotta love that shit!


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