Marcus BS180

Marcus Payne

| BS 180 under the ever watchful eye of the 'Machine Gunner'

No Peds / No Feds

After the carpark, we head deeper into the city. Murray fancies hurling himself down the notorious Guildhall steps – a seriously wicked 11 set. Not the highest 11 on the planet, but the depth is huge and takes a big pair of bollocks just to even consider it.

Normally, by the time I’ve set up flashes etc, security guards are all over us like a cheap suit. But not today!

Fair play to Muzz – I couldn’t even see straight, it was so early, but his wake up call was obviously the adrenaline rush of leaping into the abyss – plus two huge cans of Relentless (other energy drinks are available).

Murray’s got huge pop and, luckily, he’s goofy (his stance, not his teeth), so it was cool that he could take on the left hand set and I could get the whole of the historic building in the background – totally dwarfing the airborne Murray.

If you’ve never been to the Guildhall, it’s worth a visit just to stand on the top step and look down (and out), it’s pretty fucking intimidating.

Murray Cross has been part of the Herbal fam for a couple of years now. Honing his chops at the local SP, Murray’s dedication to balls-out flip-trickery and tech is really paying off. He’s also completely fearless, and will chuck himself down most things when others will walk away muttering “I’m just not feeling it!” excuses.

The first time I ever shot Murray on a photo-mission, he decided he wanted to tackle the immense and gut-wrenching 13 set on the A27 flyover at Langstone – instant respect and very, very gnarly!


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