New Generation Of Bowlriders!

While we were having another beer, I noticed that all the Belgium crew had black and white chequered wristbands on – so I went over to John Lucero (owner of Black Label) and noticed he had a red and white one like Mike and myself. I asked what this meant he said “you are poolside mate best seats in the house!” – poolside was reserved for media and special guests only – we were so stoked – if you read this Kristy, thank you so much!

How can I explain what it’s like to be poolside at the best skate comp in the world? Easy, it’s like having pit passes for race day at the Monaco Grand Prix! It was amazing. You’ll just have to watch the footage to see how amazing it is. From this moment on, the whole day was a blur. The skating was unbelievable. Not too sure about some of the results though – personally I think Tony Hawk should have got 5th and Eric Nash 4th, but Tony was the only Master doing 540’s, so it’s very difficult to call. Chris Miller was just fantastic – he owns that place, full stop. Cab skated like he was still 18, not bailing once! Lance? Well he seems to be getting better every time I see him.

As for the Pros, Rune was amazing and blasted everywhere, but teenager Pedro Barros was incredible – going so high and fast, hitting every part of the bowl. This guy is a force to be reckoned with, and over the next couple of years I think things are going to change: the names that we all recognise will soon disappear as a whole new generation of rad bowlriders emerge. Nolan Munroe doing the biggest 540’s, Steve Pinero was all over the place, and Mike Owen (who I’d never heard of) was just ripping.

This year, once again, was an amazing experience. To see all of my old friends and meet new ones. Thank you Steve and Kristy VanDoren for making us feel very welcome once again. Thanks to Alcatraz Brewery for putting up with a couple of Brit drunks and to ‘Longshower’ for picking us up and dropping us at the Airport (and to Lupe his girlfriend for letting him borrow her car). Thanks to Tom Miyao for being a good friend; to Big Ben Schroeder (inset) В and Allen Losi for being there – thanks guys. To all the Nor Cal guys, Dave Duncan – thankyou. Also great to see our friends from Belgium in Cali! See you all next year! [Opposite: winning smiles from Miller Snr and Barros В | Pics: MRZ]

Lastly, hella thanks to MRZ for donating some of his stunning pics! Thanks Ray!!


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