Dalton Fleming    Switch Front Shove  Guelph , Ontario, Canada

Dalton Fleming

| Switch Front Shove | Guelph, Ontario, Canada | Pic: Michael Kazimierczuk

Lens Flare: Michael Kazimierczuk

“I’m 17 and I’ve been skating for the past 5 years and shooting for the last 2.

It all began when I’d constantly be bothering my friend to borrow his Sony digital slr, but overtime I realized I really needed my own and once I got it, I was hooked. Spending almost all my free time shooting photos or searching all over the web for tips and strategies.

Nowadays almost my whole life is based around a piece of wood with some wheels and a camera, but I can’t see it any other way. Whether I’m driving down the road and notice a cool looking spot or an interesting subject for photo, photography is always on my mind.

Currently I live in Guelph, Ontario a small town outside of Toronto, and one of the worst things about living in a small town is only having a handful of skaters to shoot with and a limited number of spots. Thats probably why I have such an incredible urge to travel, explore new areas and meet new people.

Even though I haven’t traveled too far, (only to surrounding cities) I love it, and can’t wait to spread my wings and travel this summer.В So sit back, take a look at my photos and hopefully this isn’t the last time you hear of me!”

[Below: Jay Geroux | В Front Bigspin В | В Toronto, Ontario, Canada]


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