Legs Like A Young Bambi On Ice

Whilst luck was on our side, we move down to the side of the Guildhall where there is a war memorial, where there’s a couple of nice 6 sets.

Skating this particular area is a real no-no. Several ‘No skating’ signs, threats of ВЈ500 fines, and seriously on-the-ball Council security are just a few of the problems that are normally evident here – so you’ve got to be quick and stealthy. Murray, who’s legs are like a young Bambi on ice – still recovering from his Guildhall leaps of faith, has a little nap on the statue (bless him), so the pressures on Marcus to get what he can before we get busted. After having a first try sickly clean backside 180 down the ‘Machine Gunner’ set, we decide to start shooting at the set under the Memorial archway.

Whilst the landing is sweet, the run up is horrible as it’s through a small (but busy) car parking area, and early-bird office workers are starting to roll up ready for the days office-bound drudgery.

After a few attempts at a Tre flip, a female Sec Guard turns up and we get the usual “This is a War Memorial! You can’t skate here!” speech. We politely stress to her that we’re not doing any damage as we’re only using the stairs, and she seems to mellow a bit. “He’s nearly got it! Can’t we just have 2 more minutes?” I begged and gave her my best smile. “I’ve done my job, and told you to move on” she says, “besides, my shift finishes in 5 minutes…”. Was that a cheeky little wink she gave me? We thank her for her advice, promise to be good boys and move on, but it’s going to take five minutes to pack up our shit. She seems to be cool about that and walks off whistling a happy tune. As soon as she’s out of sight, Marcus gets back to work and his Tre goes down almost immediately – and it’s a beauty in all it’s floaty glory. Stoked.

It’s now about 8:00am and the plaza at the front of the Guildhall is starting to get real busy with office workers and school kids.

Marcus_Ollie up cone-carve pop out

Marcus Payne

| Ollie-Up-Hand-Drag-Carve-Pop-Out

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