Iron Column Skateboards

We love an indy UK skate company here at SP, so when Iron Column came to our attention earlier this year we were intrigued to find out more. We ask John Olley and Patrick Sampson for the punkin’ skinny…

So, tell us about Iron Column – what’s it all about?

John: Well, skateboarding, haha! We’re what some people would call a ‘bedroom company’. In essence, we’re trying to show people that just because you don’t have thousands of pounds and corporate backing, you can still have a say in something that you have a passion for.

Were putting out shirts, skateboards and other stuff that other skateboarders / punks / general riff raff have designed in their spare time for us for free. None of our artists get paid apart from what we can spare in the way of a few free shirts or a couple of decks.

Everyone involved is just doing this because we have a real love for skateboarding, punk and art or as a way of trying to escape from the daily humdrum of a shit job with no prospects.

How and when did you get started?

John: Well the idea sort of popped into my head in early 2009, I was (and still am) working in a job I hate and I needed something to focus my energy on.

I’ve been very involved in hardcore / punk since I was 13 and around the same time I picked up a skateboard.

I’ve been around people putting out records, starting their own labels,  and doing things for themselves for the last 12 years, so I kind of thought “Why don’t I try and apply this D.I.Y attitude to Skateboarding?” I’ve never been a good skateboarder per se so this was my way of having an input.

[Opp: John with 'Tyburn" В | В Pic: Charile Muscat]


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