So, what do you get out of running a ‘non-profit’ company?

John: A lot of unpaid credit card bills! Satisfaction I guess, that and a really fucking tall moral high horse haha.

Patrick: Agreed, mainly we just wanna be skating the streets knowing that we have done something worthwhile in UK skateboarding, and that companies don’t have to make money out of skaters. It’ll just be one of those fuzzy warm feelings inside haha.

Plans for the future?

John: Growth! As with all skate companies we want to expand, this year we would like to see IXC become totally self sustaining, once this happens we can get more products out and really start getting involved in the community putting on free shows, skate jams and also getting a little team together would be nice.

What are your views on the current UK skate scene, and how do you hope to contribute to it?

Patrick: We love the UK skateboarding scene, it’s hard, it’s gritty, and it’s honest. The US has ledges, rails, and hillbombs in abundance where as we have to make do with what we can. There’s a strange thing I see going on where kids go round making edits all day long to try and get sponsored. Skateboarding isn’t about doing tricks for another 5 seconds on your section, or making “Sponsor Me” videos. We like to take it down to the basic elements of hanging with mates, getting rad, pushing yourself and keeping out of trouble. If you get sponsored, good shit, but people shouldn’t be focused on getting the Rob Dyrdek life.

Any words of advice for people wanting to set up their own independent skate company?

John: Money, make sure you have a fair bit saved up in your piggy bank. Unfortunately we didn’t have as much as we liked so progress has been slow with regards to getting new products out and this has hindered our progression. Also talk to the O.G’s and get a bit of good advice before you start making rash decisions, had we talked to more of the older guys who had done this before we probably wouldn’t have fucked up so much.

Patrick: Patience too. There’s times where all you can think about is the company you’re trying to run and you just want people to get the idea behind it and get hyped. Different ways of keeping people interested is a must too, so you need to be mega creative.

5 words that best describe IxC? “We make progress without profit.” Niiiice…


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