I Am An Anarchist

I saw your rad ‘Maggie Thatcher’ deck recently (which I loved!!). Do you aim to make statements with your graphics?

John: Haha, well that deck certainly made a statement right?

There is a time and place for politics and when we put out that deck it was at the time in the run up to the elections when that smarmy prat David Cameron was always on TV, pretending to be a prole, drinking beer with “the normal people” in his mock up boozer. We just wanted to remind people about the last time England voted Tory and vent a little frustration. In the future we aim to put out more politically subversive stuff. I think we would be traitors to the name Iron Column if we didn’t try and recruit people to the cause, so to speak. Personally, I am very influenced by politics, I am an anarchist, not in the puerile sense of “Wahey pins and spikes, I hate my parents blah blah blah”, but in serious belief that I honestly don’t think we need a ruling class or state to tell us how to think or feel or to control us.

Who does your designs, and how do your decide on what you want?

John: Luckily we’ve had some really good friends hook us up with stuff for free, the two guys I mentioned earlier, Simon Erl, Daniel Fitzsimmons have been real tight. We’re also currently working on some stuff with a great tattooist called AdamXChandler from Kent, a really talented illustrator called Joe Potter who came to us saying he wanted to design for us, and couple of guys from a real nice tattoo shop called Lost Time Tattoo in Peterborough.

We are also currently working with Sin Eater, so we’re looking forward to what he comes up with. Other stuff like the Thatcher decks and our back patches we did ourselves. We don’t really decide what we want as such, we let the artists have free reign to design, and then we just decide what design we want to use to represent the company. So far they haven’t let us down. So if you’re an artist reading this give us a call, we’d be interested to see what you’ve got!


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