ewen bower_bastard plant

Huge Hairy Trannys *snigger*

Away from the deep-end Bowl that was built in the old diving area, the biggest session went down on the 13 foot tombstone at the bottom end of the pool.

Like Danny LaRue, with a huge tranny either side, this session was about to go off.В  Andy Scott transferred 6ft out of the transition and into a front tail slide on top of the tombstone.

This was after Sam Pulley had landed all kinds of tricks, front airs, grabs, disasters and anything else this crazy kid could conjure up on the beast.

Ewen Bower hit a nice transfer up to a front lip on the tombstone (as well as a fully styled-out bs plant fakie – see pic opposite) and I seem to remember young Jake Collins getting his back tail up there too.

Mr Scott inevitably got into the bowled end as well with an invert on the crazy vert section after Munson had already back-smithed it.

Whilst all this was going on Childress was flying about like a mad man carving wood like a native Indian on speed.В Backside Blunt, Blunt Reverts and some old school styling added a nice mix to the session.В Also, great to see thrashers like Lee Blackwell going huge with his mad vert skills off various extensions.В [Above: Mark Munson]


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