Fully Guilt Free

Yeah, I hear what you’re saying about having a ‘true collective’, it’s kinda like what we’ve got going here at SPMag. Did you have a clear vision of what you wanted to achieve with IC before you set out?

John: Yes and no, really. Patrick and I have always been very clear that Iron Column will not make money, hopefully not in a sense that we’re a fucking sinking ship, but that anything that goes into Iron Column stays there. We each take a tee every time we bring out a new design, that’s our only real award.

We never take anything out, there’s no payback, so if Iron Column grows, it’s Iron Column growing, not our wallets. As we grow we’re hoping to put the “profits” into other areas, such as free shows, charity donations etc.

Patrick: Basically the way we do things is, John and I put the money up for our products. Then if / when people buy them, the profit (which we keep down as much as possible) then goes straight into the kitty. When we have enough, those people that bought our products will be contacted and invited to our skate jams, where we hope to have the bands that have supported us playing, it’s almost like you get a return on your purchase.

We appreciate that £20 for your average tee is pretty bloody expensive for what it is, so we keep prices right down. We also appreciate the quality of our product. We have started printing our latest stuff on American Apparel, partially because they are an ethically run company, where no one gets ripped off in the manufacturing process, and secondly because the tees last fucking ages and don’t fade or deteriorate. It’s fully guilt free, haha!

Yes mate, a fully ethical supply chain is a rare thing these days – there’s always someone gonna get ripped off somewhere down that line, for sure. So tell us about your “guilt free” products, haha?

We source the garments from American Apparel when we can, due to their ethical production. Plus the quality of their tees is brilliant, they don’t fade or go hard and lose shape.

We print with a local company and work closely with them to make sure the quality is really good, the last thing we want is for the design to fade after a few washes. We’ve had no problems yet so far, so it seems to be working well.

All we want to do through our garments is create the best quality clothing, that doesn’t cost as much as other skate tees and last longer than other tees, and help propel brilliant designers / illustrators into the limelight.

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