Pye Kassiri_Front Smith

Pye Kassiri

| Front Smith

Frontside Hair

Amongst the mix of Zorlac Tee’s and some iconic skate prints all kind of 80’s schralpage was on offer.

For a veggie it was good to see Dead Fast Jay bringing home the bacon with his invert transfer from the u-pipe into the ramp.

The chip shop army was in force, and the grease ran freely from these chunky pieces of potato.  Dean Jones (inset) must have been using some kinda 80’s hair replenishment lotion with his take on the front side (h)air!

Another chip in the army was Dave Cubitt. Dave really showed the older boys a thing or two with some crazy ramp skills that any die hard 80’s fan would have been proud of.

After the day of frolicking with frontside grinds, drinking beer and eating the Unit out of anything that can be burnt things moved on outside for an impromptu fly off session and the afore mention beer slalom.

Even Don got in with a curb slappy shuvit out, and yes this was caught on video. CHECK IT HERE


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