Bunker Spunker

During the next week, nothings happening. So I wait patiently until the following Sunday when I know that Jaks back from his trip, and him and Nods are well up for it. So, Alex and I head to Fareham to pick the boys up, and we go down to a concrete monstrosity called ‘Spinney Park’ that was put up at around the same time as Southsea Skatepark in the mid-70’s. It consists of a bank, a flat-ground area, a ‘safety rail’ (put there way before people ever thought about grinding them), and a bowled end with a stupidly long run-up.

The surface resembles pea-shingle that’s been mixed with sand and concrete and dolloped into a large formless grey splat at one end of a municipal park / field. It looks more like the concrete bunkers and big gun emplacements on the Normandy coast than a Skatepark.

But for the interests of historical reference and the skating heritage of the area, we decide to spend some time there and see what happens.

Cheered on by some local kiddies, Jak gets warmed up on the bowlside ledge with various lip-trickery. Noddy decides to go very big and ollies up onto that old rail for a beastly 50-50 stall. I had to get in very close for the shot and had to catch his board a few times, trying to avoid a hefty slam to the face, but it was fully rad and made the cover – congrats dude.

Jak Boneless

Jak Tonge

| Bankside boneless

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