Cab doing what he does best

Pic: MRZ

Bumped Into Cab (Like You Do)

Friday 20th May.

Dear Diary, Awoke early, got up, had a shower and went down for breakfast in the hotel where we bumped into Cab (like you do).

We then made our way over to Vans only to bump into Tony Hawk, Kevin Stabb and Jesse Fritch who were signing in just in front of us, and there for their practice sessions. This year the whole event had changed because of the sheer amount of skaters entering, so rather than have all the skaters fighting for a practice ride, they split the whole day up into different sessions, luckily we managed to catch Tony’s. Also in this session were Kevin Stabb, Andy Mac, Sluggo, Alex Perelson, Sky Skillileggeggeggegegeg, Zach Miller, Sergie Ventura (who this year had become a master), Sandro Dias, Steve Pinero (14yrs old!), Steve Cab, Pat Ngoho, Nicky Guerrero, Ken Fillion and Chris Miller.

We then decided that we were going for a skate so we headed out to Costa Mesa to this great little park which had two bowls and a street course. We then went back to Alcatraz for a beer (or two) and got invited to the “Bible Bowl” – which is in the backyard of Julie Kindstrad’s dad’s house. Talk about having a bowl that takes up your whole backyard! There was a BBQ but no BEER was allowed – only water!!! Imagine a bowl with a bunch of hardcore skaters, all covered in tattoos, but no alcohol!? Weird, but it works. Instead of sneaking out for a fag, we were sneaking out for a cheeky beer, drinking them down as fast as we could, tins in the bin, then back to the bowl.


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