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Booked it, packed it, fooked off

Thursday 19th May

Dear Diary, I awake to the alarm. I’m already packed, so I get into the car and head to Southampton to pick up Mike Tudor who I had only given a few days notice about going. He booked his tickets straight away and was coming with me.

We arrived at Heathrow safely, checked our bags and went through to the Departure lounge. We headed straight to the barВ  – because you can, not that I wanted too, just because you can!!

2 beers later and we head for the plane.В We found our seats and got comfortable for the next ten and a half hours.

After take off, I got talking to the guy on my left. He had asked if we were some kind of team as we were both dressed in Indy stuff, I said “No, we’re skateboarders on our way to LA for the Protec Pool Party”. He then replied that his daughter lived in LA and used to work for VANS and was the Team Manager.

At this point I said “Your daughter’s name isn’t Robyn by any chance is it?”, he froze and said “YES!”.

It’s unbelievable that you can sit next to a dude on a plane, that you have never met, but you know his daughter -  I felt that this was a good omen for the weekend.

Turns out that the guy is Bruce Fleming, and he was Jimi Hendrix’s personal photographer back in the 60’s – that was his job!! Check out his website

We landed in LA on time and was met by my good friend Kris “Long Shower” Krueger (the reason for the nick name will become apparent later).

He drove us straight to the DoubletreeHotel which was right next to the Vans Skatepark where the contest was being held. A quick wash and a spray under the pits (isn’t that called a whores bath Eric? – ed) and we were good to go.

[Opposite: Duane Peters on a clean sweep В | В Pic: MRZ]


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