Piggyback Slalom

Bodatious Duuude

After what can only be described as a bodatious radical day I asked Don what he thought of the day.  Don’s answer was simple…..

“mmmmmm, uurrhh, I cant think of quotes anymore.  All we gotta do in mention Martin and a bread roll and we’ll be laughing for another hour”

Lets just hope that in another 20 years the next generation of skaters remember and respect where this passion we all share came from, and more importantly what the guys of this day did to shape the lifestyle we choose to follow.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, and to the Unit 19 brethren for putting on a great BBQ and beer spread, and of course to the Donz who chose to spend the day reminiscing about those wonderful neon days.

Skateboarding is not a crime…………… neithers wanking, but you still get slapped on the wrist for doing it on the high street.

Skateboarding is for life!!!


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