Marcus Hippy Jump


On the way back to the car, we pass back through the Guildhall plaza where there are some funky curved metal benches which look feasible.В Trouble is, the place is now heaving with people and there are several Hi-Vis-Jacket wearing council operatives milling around on the look-out for people like us.

We decide that we’d give something a go – maybe a cheeky grind on the armrest? Instead, I suggest that Marcus simply Hippy Jumps the bench, which he does first try.

At that point we’re busted by a miserable twat who obviously didn’t get laid the previous night, and so he decided to take his frustrations out on us. Too late, pal – we’re done, a few nice shots in the bag. We go home for a nice cup of Rosie-Lee in the sun.

The next few days is spent trying to whip up some enthusiasm from other local quality skaters to go get some street stuff down. Whether it’s a lack of interest, too short notice, a “Pompey street is shit!” proclamation, or simply a ‘can’t-be-arsed’ deal, it’s proving to be a complete ball-ache. A few guys are busy with work / college, and local wunderkind Jak (Tonge) is in Greece until the following weekend on a family trip.

Things are looking dismal until the perma-dreadlocked Noddy Rands gets in touch and he’s as keen as mustard.

Noddy is one of my favourite skaters to shoot, he’s just so fucking gnarly! He fully commits to everything he attempts, has got a bagful of steeze, and is always up for a shred. I’m still trying to get my head round the fact that this dude isn’t hooked up – can only be a matter of time, surely!?

[Inset: Noddy Rands В | В Humungous Backside Transfer at Southsea]


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