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Bloody Good Laugh

As we headed west, the sun started to peak out from behind the grey clouds – stoked, the place would dry out in no time and there was a bit of wind to help it along.

Arriving in Dorch, the place was heaving – it seemed that everyone else had the same idea.

Some of the Superdead guys (Awadh Mohammed, Eddie Belverdere, etc) were there, Chris Oliver, and  plenty of other skaters, bmx’ers, fruit-booters and the (very) odd scooter-kid who’d made the effort.

Great to catch up with some of the Plymouth crew and the NPNG guys from Bournemouth again.

Various impromptu best trick sessions eventually went down, someone handed Chroliver a bullhorn and things got going.

I can’t honestly remember who got what and where, but it was that kind of thing – just a bloody good laugh.

The stairset, bowl, and miniramp areas all played host and boards and tee’s were handed out to the victors.

For a few hours at least, it was great fun – until the inevitable happened and the rain came back, with a vengeance. Game over.

The Jam proper has been rescheduled for June 25th (CLICK HERE FOR UPDATES) and should be sick. Weather permitting of course….

[Opposite: Eddie Belvedere | В Blunt Flip-Out]


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