Bigger Lines Than Tony Montana

To be honest, it was kind of weird arriving at a 1970’s leisure centre scattered with a mix of skateboarders and the local ‘Dagenham Dave’s’ from the neighbouring estate. But in we went, disclaimers were signed, wristbands were put on, and this is where it all started.

We were first greeted by a glimpse of two dozen iron horses hanging on the wall behind a mini ramp that had been built in the old toddler pool.

This made a bit of sense as the Nike Pool was originally designed and built for bandits………. but as we were about to see, it was going to be destroyed by skaters.

After spending the last 40 years being pissed in by kids and old ladies, the main swimming pool had now evolved into a mecca for gnarly skaters ready to rip it a new arsehole.

Andy Scott, Jake Collins, Neil Smith, Snowy, Ben Nordberg, Joe Habgood, Carl Wilson, Sam Pulley, Mark Munson, Jake Snelling, Craig ‘Questions’, Ewen Bower, Chet Childress, and Mikey Wright were just a few of the top rippers amongst the crowd of around 100 or so shredders.

These guys drew bigger lines than Tony Montana (Scarface) around this pool.

[Inset: Chet Childress В | В Disaster Revert Sickness]


Questions |

Literally climbing the walls

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