A True Collective…

John (continued…) After that it was a case of contacting two very good friends of mine, Simon Erl who tattoo’s at Jane Doe tattoo in Hornchurch and Daniel Fitzsimmons who is a graphic designer who did pieces of artwork/design work for us.

Along with that, a shit ton of research, a sprinkling of costly mistakes and then Roberts your brothers mother, we had our first deck and our first t-shirts.

What prompted you to do it in the first place?

John: Like I said before, you know I just felt so miserable that I really needed a positive outlet, skateboarding has always been that cathartic element in my life, the opportunity to forget about the rubbish and just fuck yourself up for a few hours. So why not allow it permeate into other area’s of life?

Who’s involved in IC?

John: As pretentious as it may sound, we like to see Iron Column as a collective effort.

Financially speaking, Patrick and myself have put up the money, but everyone who has done us artwork, helped us out, done us favours or anything like that has invested in IxC in some way.

Eventually, what I would like to see is a true collective, with people coming on board, getting really involved in different area’s and then leaving when they have had enough.

I mean, this will happen as we grow and become more visible to people, but its happening now too.

People are emailing us all the time asking if they can do this or that for us and that really, to me, embodies what Iron Column is all about.

Patrick: Yeah we really buzz off the encouragement we are getting from people.

We recently started a little Facebook page and we are getting so many comments from people telling us it’s a great idea and to keep it up.

It’s nice to have support and to have people that care enough just to let us know, it keeps us going.

[Opposite: James Booth | В BS Nosegrab В | В Pic: Dan Turner]


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