We’re In!!

Saturday 21st May 2011

Dear Diary, Got up early went for breakfast at the “Corner Bakery” – great scrambled eggs. Bumped into Bryce Kanights, and went to check out the Combi. The place looked amazing, with all the bleachers in place with Vans and Rockstar logos everywhere.

Started to get very excited, but still hadn’t got my passes from Kristy (Van Doren).. Don’t panic!!

We were back in Alcatraz when Eddie Reategui showed up. We’ve seen each other every few years since my stag night in 1989. This year seemed to be different. We talked a lot more liked he actually remembered who I was (which he did!). We were having a few drinks, waiting for the finals to begin, when all of a sudden Mike realised that we’re sitting with Rick Blackheart, Allen Losi, MoFo, Tom, Jeff Kendall, Keith Meek and most of the Nor Cal collective. At this point I had a text message from ‘Long Shower’ to say that the Will Call was open which, in English, means the ‘Guest List’. So I walked up to the desk and saw Kristy – she told the girl with her what to do, she gave me a ticket and put a red and white chequered wristband on us. Thinking nothing of this, but feeling fantastic, we headed back to Alcatraz knowing we were IN!!

sandro dias

Sandro Dias | Pic: MRZ

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