5-O Brick Stall Anyone?

Jak and Noddy start to tear the place apart – the bank providing for some interesting possibilities, as it has this small ledge at the top before going into a wall.

Jak starts to lay down some sick front tails and then, out of nowhere, comes a proper Sugarcane!

He is so consistent: his attempt-to-make ratio is amongst the highest I’ve ever come across. He’s also incredibly creative (check the shot of him banging a fs5-O on a tiny piece of brick sticking out of a wall!) when it comes to deciding what he’s going to do – he makes it look spontaneous, but you can tell that it’s all been carefully planned and plotted before final execution.

He’s also a perfectionist – not happy until it’s totally on the nail, and the money shot’s been made to his satisfaction.

Whilst some skaters are content to just get the ‘maker’ – with Jak, it’s about getting a maker to look the cleanest and sickest that it possibly can.

A cool, positive, guy who’s really chilled to skate with – a great example to others, and I’m sure this must rub off on the other dudes on the Drawing Boards team. As you might have gathered, I’m a huge fan!

Meanwhile, back on the bank, Noddy is still ripping hard and loving it – attacking the bank like it was his last day skating on earth. He then turns his attention to one of the pillars / columns that’s sticking up like a gnarled old boney finger pointing skywards – he boosts up from the little bank and starts wall-riding it – talk about tight, it can only have been a couple of feet wide.

Last honours fall to Jak who wallies one of the column banks, making something so simple look so beastly!

So that’s it. On one hand I’m really disappointed that we couldn’t capture more of the Pompey scene skaters, but on the other hand, I’m so stoked on what we managed to get done on such short notice with some seriously happening players.

Sadly, we missed out on shooting some notable local rippers like Adam Keys, Casey Brown, Jon Sekulla, Phill Russell, Kieran McDonald (too name a tiny few – sorry to everyone I haven’t mentioned), all our solid В mates down at Unit 19 (hey, you get boys enough coverage!), if only we’d have had more time to shoot you guys, it would’ve been sick– catch you soon fellas!

Big love to all the Portsmouth area skaters!

Jak 5-O brickage

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