You just had to be there…

It’s now dark, and we head away from the sea to a small car park at the back of a hotel in town, where we are promised something pretty gnarly from Reece Douglas. We’re not sure what to expect and there doesn’t seem to be much here that looks skate-able or feasible.  “So Reece, what you got man?” I ask nervously, “Thought I’d drop in this wall”, he points towards a huge, near vertical wall that surrounds the car park.

It looks at best pretty unfeasible, and at worst like certain suicide. But he seems confident enough.

Watching him hang his board off the edge of the abyss, it seems less and less likely that he’s going to come out of this unscathed, so whatever happens we need to make sure that the shot is nailed before he kills himself and ruins a perfectly decent bit of content for the mag. I wasn’t shooting on burst mode, so I had to make sure that I captured him as high and as tight against the wall as possible.

I seem to remember someone counting him down, and then on ‘one’ he drops like a dart towards the tarmac. First try, not a maker but he’s still in one piece. A couple of attempts later and it’s down – totally fucking insane.

Christ only knows how he did it. It’s one of those things that’s difficult to describe just how gnarly it was – even with the benefit of photography or video, you just had to be there, I guess.

Reece Drop In

Reece Douglas

| Suicidal Afro Drop

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