You Heard It Here First!

Sunday morning (as described in the introduction) – we drive back to Prime Skatepark to check out these kids that we’ve been told / warned about.

Once again, the park is busy with 30-40 youngsters doing their thing and getting some coaching from the guys. I shoot a few frames with Joe Webster (10) and Kieran Hall-Harries (9). Both have got some pretty cool stuff down on the mini and are charging hard.

It is then that we’re introduced the awesome and precocious talents of the Beer twins, Marcus and Matt who are both 12 (obviously). These young guys are a right pair of thrashers, not just rad in a patronizing “ahhh, isn’t he good for a kid” kind of way, but in a “Oh my god, these dudes totally rip!!” way.

At times, you completely forget that they’ve only just started ‘big school’. They are blowing doors on the transitions – fully having it. Big airs, miller-flips, back flips, huge transfers, crail slides – they’ve got it all. Seriously, and you heard it here first, these guys are going to be big news in the future – unless they get distracted by typical teenage needs such as girls, guitars, and X-Box live.
(Below: Marcus Beer ripping)

joe webster boneless

Joe Webster

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