Word: ‘I’m Chimping here, Bitch!’

Stumbled across something that really made me laugh my ass off, but also made me stop and think about the way that I shoot certain skate photo’s. I was mistakenly under the impression that the term “Chimping” referred to the way a skate photographer sometimesВ squats on their haunches, holds the camera (below the knees) in the right hand, and hold the flashgun in the left hand above the head – thus, looking like a ‘Chimp’. I was wrong…

“Chimping”, is an affliction that seems to affect skate photographers shooting with fisheye lenses, either on pool / bowl decks, on top of ramps, or at the bottom of stair sets. To “Chimp” is where the photog will continually check В his/her lcd panel (on rear of digital slr cameras) after every shot, to make sure that they’ve got the subject in frame. This is due to the fact that the photographer is not looking through the viewfinder, so there’s a huge amount of trial and error involved as they are relying on the massive 180 degree angle of В a fisheye lens coverage to capture the action.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to check your shots – in fact, most pro’s will do this to check exposure and histogram information, etc. However, not using the viewfinder to capture that key moment and compose the shot is a really bad habit to get into – and one that, I’m afraid I’m guilty of as well from time to time. I can’t tell you how many potentially good shots I’ve ballsed-up because I’ve cut off the skaters head / arms / board etc. I guess that those who ‘chimp’ maybe do it because they don’t want to lay on their backs and get real low and dirty to make that killer shot, plus the fact that it’s way easier to dodge a wayward board when you’re crouching and watching whats going on!

In the photo opposite, I confess, I was ‘chimping’ like a bastard. Luckily, I managed to get it framed ok, without the embarrassment of asking Marcus to nail it again because I’d cropped off his head – something that is definitely not a cool (or recommended) thing to do!

Onto the news. Been a really busy few weeks here atВ Skateboarding Photo towers. Now that the weathers turned for the better, we’re out and about, grabbing snappy snaps and stuff to write about, wherever we can. Spent an awesome few days in Plymouth! Next month, we could be coming to a town near you. Be afraid.В Shane Hargreaves won our В swag blag competition from Wight Trash, and his haul of a couple of decks, a hoodie, tee’s and other WT stuff is winging it’s way towards him as we speak. Congrats Shane.

marcus payne bs nollie heels

Marcus Payne

| BS Nollie Heels | Pic: Harvey "Monkey-Boy" Mills

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