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Uni Brings In Fresh Blood

As we roam the streets, I ask S.A. about the current scene in Plymouth…

“The skate scene down here is pretty healthy, there’s loads of young kids getting into it, quite a spread of different skaters from all over and around the city and quite a few people who have been here since back in the day. The university also brings in fresh blood with a new batch of skaters seemingly appearing from nowhere every year, some of which are rad. Generally, it’s a pretty cool scene down here.”

Got any favourite spots in Plymouth?

“I haven’t really got a favourite spot. There’s quite a lot of stuff to skate in Plymouth, as long as you’re prepared to put up with one or more bad aspects, whether it be rough ground, tight security or something else, but I guess that’s what street skating’s all about.”

Are there any spots down here that you’ve yet to hit, but are psyched to give them a crack?

“I’m always on the look out for stuff to skate and Plymouth never lets me down. I always see spots and convince myself I can do them, sometimes when I go back to them, I realise that there’s something I didn’t consider that makes it way harder but then sometimes when I’ve dragged people down there, I feel like I have to do it. There’s a good double kicker near the train station that I’ve heard stories of people dying on, I’d like to do that and maybe get Olly Howe to film it for Civic Daze.”

I take it you’ll be getting a part in ‘Civic Days’. How’s all that going and when can we expect to see it?

“Yeah, for sure! I’ve been filming with Olly a few times, but not as often as I’d like. I have a couple lines and a few little tricks, but nothing that I consider a real banger, haha! I don’t think there’s a definite date as such for the release, I think Olly feels it’s better to wait a little and get it finished than rush it and put out half a video, which I agree with, so that’s cool. His work has a clean, professional look to it and the skating should be up there with what else is going down in the rest of the country, so it should be rad! I’d also like to get back and film some stuff for Sam Bailey’s, “Rushes” video, but for the time being, I’m pretty tied down with working down the skatepark and stuff. Too busy living the dream haha”


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