Ben Grove, Ollie, Sheffield, 2003 copy

Ben Grove | Ollie | Sheffield, 2003

"Groves last trick in the Sidewalk video. This frame is taken from the sequence. I think he jumped over the rail a few times, but the first one he put down he rolled away. Quite apart from the gnarl factor, the sketchiest thing about this spot is the fact its just off the busiest roundabout in Sheffield. Even with 2 people watching for cars, you are rolling the proverbial dice (and pretty much betting all your worldly possessions)."

“There will always be still images”

Which young emerging skaters have you shot over the years, where you’ve thought to yourself ‘woah, that kid is going to be a beast?!’

Barney Page for one. Rob Selley told me about him. The first time I ever met him we shot 4 photos in a couple of hours. If there was ever a ‘natural’ its him.

Ben Grove has always had the fire in his eyes.

Harry Lintell.

Jo Gavin has been super good for so many years.

Skaters who want to get noticed / sponsored normally put together some kind of ‘hook me up!’ edit. Do you think stills photography has a role to play in hyping skate talent, or is it purely the domain of the moving image?

Well, I always get asked for photos to show to prospective sponsors.

There will always be still images, as well as moving images, and both are important.

There’s always a hot debate about the question regarding the integrity of skate photographs.

On one side you’ve got the camp that say ‘as long as the trick was landed during that session, you can choose (with the skater) which shot you’re going to use’, whilst the other side are purely ‘only use the makers – everything else gets deleted!’

What are your thoughtsВ on this?

Ha ha ha!!!

This always makes me laugh. In my opinion it comes from people who don’t really understand what it takes to put a magazine together.

Totally. It’s a ridiculously unrealistic standpoint to take! Using the ‘maker’ shot is surely a bonus!?

Put it this way, if every skate photog for every mainstream mag had used the ‘make’ photo from every single session they ever shot, half of all your ‘classic’ skate photos wouldn’t exist.


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