“The skaters as individuals…”

What differences have you noticed between skaters in LA and over here?

All of the north London skateboarders were great to work with. To my surprise, I got rejected left and right in LA.

The skateboarders there are much more pretentious and jaded by the presence of cameras. It took some more convincing and a lot of rejections, but that’s part of it.

Noticed a couple of famous faces in your LA snaps – cheeky chappy, Reda, for example. How did you get him to pose for you, and how did you get him to keep still for long enough? hahaha

Reda was great. Haha, he had all kinds of poses for me.

Do you have any plans to expand the project to other areas, or is it an ongoing thing in the same parks?

Originally, I was only planning on shooting the Camden skateboarders because they were most relevant to me. But once I saw the LA skaters, I envisioned continuing this project all around the world.

Who do you normally shoot when you’re taking ‘action’ skate shots?

I shoot anyone that has a trick in mind and wants a badass photo.

Which do you find more satisfying – the portraits or the action? Why is that?

Portraits are what I do! There are photographers who dedicate their whole careers to shooting skateboarding tricks. I enjoy capturing the skaters as individuals, not just the tricks they do.

What other kinds of photography do you do?

I do it all! But I love taking pictures when I’m traveling.

Whats the next project?

More skateboarder portraits!

I’m working with The PrintSpace in London on doing an exhibit of the skateboarders later this summer.

More of Tims work can be seen on his website

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